Cornell discovers that Twitter is the world’s mood ring

If you start the day feeling positive but feel yourself growing increasingly glum as it slugs along, you’re not alone. A new study using Twitter to track daily, global mood swings found that people tend to have two peaks, happiness-wise: early in the morning and then again around midnight, reports the Huffington Post. Sociologists at Cornell University tracked more than half a billion tweets from more than 2 million Twitter users across the globe over two years. Relying on language-monitoring software, they found that people tend to be happiest relatively early in the morning, but that good mood deteriorates as the day continues…

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Law schools lure fewer students as jobs dry up

"People don't go into social work thinking they want to get rich. They want to help people. The law should be like that," said one student.

Tenia Phillips has heard the horror stories about life after law school, circa 2011, from crushing student loan debt to recent graduates serving coffee at Starbucks.

The reality check didn’t deter the 27-year-old Waco, Texas, resident from pursuing her childhood dream, though it took four years of working as an apartment leasing agent before she could start fall classes last week at the University of Missouri law school.

“I had gotten to the point in my life where it was either now or never,” she said. “Nothing in life is guaranteed. The job market can go back up again or back down.”…Read More