U.S. college students make film about their experience living in Guatemala on $1 a day

For many American travelers, Guatemala is an inexpensive, exotic destination for visiting Mayan ruins or studying Spanish in a language immersion program. But for a couple of U.S. college students, the country was the setting for a social experiment, the Associated Press reports. They spent a summer living there on the same daily budget that sustains over a billion people around the world: $1 a day. Then they made a film about it, “Living on One.” The film shows just how hard it is to buy enough food on so little money — never mind paying bills and coping with emergencies — but it has another theme that’s not quite as sexy as sheer survival. “Living on One” also tries to illustrate how people living in extreme poverty manage their money, and how microcredit — small loans for local entrepreneurs who can’t get traditional bank loans — can make a difference…

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