Study: Facebook does not hurt college students’ GPA (much)

Right now, hundreds of thousands of college students across the US are cramming for the end-of-semester finals. Either that, or they’re procrastinating on Facebook, Digital Trends reports. Which, according to a study from Lockhaven University of Pennsylvania published last month in Computers in Human Behavior, really isn’t such a bad thing, as far as grade point average is concerned. Of the more than 1,800 students surveyed, 92 percent admitted to using Facebook, and those who do log on spend an average of 106 minutes each day on the social network. For every additional hour and a half (93 minutes) spent on the site, GPAs dropped an average of 0.12 points. That said, the study found “no strong link” between Facebook usage and a drop in GPA. Instead, the grades a student got in high school are twice as strong a predictor of how well he or she will do in college…

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