Community college plans to offer two-tier course pricing

Such a dual program appears to be a first for a public institution, but some experts have questioned the legality and equity of the plan.

Faced with deep funding cuts and strong student demand, Santa Monica College in California is pursuing a plan to offer a selection of higher-cost classes to students who need them, provoking protests from some who question the fairness of such a two-tiered education system.

Under the plan, approved by the governing board and believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, the two-year college would create a nonprofit foundation to offer such in-demand classes as English and math at a cost of about $200 per unit.

Currently, fees are $36 per unit, set by the Legislature for California community college students. That fee will rise to $46 this summer.…Read More

Community college system looking into online fees

California community college officials are looking into whether students are being charged improper fees to access online courses at campuses across the state, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

“If the fees are not valid, the chancellor’s office will direct the colleges to cease and desist the practice, and provide direction on how to proceed,” said Paige Marlatt Dorr, spokeswoman for Jack Scott, chancellor of the 112-college system…

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