University of Iowa may fire prof over eMails

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is investigating a professor's eMails.

The University of Iowa (UI) has started proceedings that could lead to the firing of a radiology professor who sent dozens of “prejudiced, insulting, and inflammatory” eMails to colleagues accusing them of being anti-Arab and threatening to sue and embarrass them, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press (AP).

Malik Juweid compared his department’s chairwoman to ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak, sent a copy of his birth certificate showing he is Christian to a colleague he accused of having an anti-Muslim bias, and urged UI President Sally Mason to take action “before this all hits the press,” according to the university’s notice of charges sent in a letter this week.

Juweid gave the letter and related documents to AP, saying he sent the eMails in frustration but didn’t think they should be enough to strip him of tenure, a job protection that bars professors from being fired without cause.…Read More