10 key steps to designing a great university app

10-step guide offers advice to institutions on how to develop the best app possible

app-design-stepsBy now, most people have caught on to the fact that not all apps are created equal, and that while it’s cool in theory to have an app for your college or university, if students and alumni don’t find it useful, you’ve just wasted precious time and money. But thanks to those that have been there and done that, there are now key steps every university should consider when creating a great university app.

And now more than ever is when institutions should seriously invest in either app creation or app redesign, according to recent data. For example, 87 percent of all U.S. higher education students want to access campus resources from a mobile device, and 75 percent of student reading sessions happen on tablets. 53 percent of colleges and universities had at least 1 mobile service in 2010, and 55 percent of public universities activated mobile apps as of fall 2011.

“This is much like how having a website went from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ in the mid-1990s,” said Mark Gardner, director of Enterprise Mobility for SAP in a recent University Business webinar.…Read More