As a higher education administrator, leveraging innovative technology and resources is essential to productivity and time management.

3 ways to improve time management in an administrative role

Leveraging innovative technology and resources is essential to productivity and time management

As an administrator, you already know that you have to master organizational, time management, and efficiency skills. And if you’re in higher education you’re having to do that while managing numerous departments, faculty, staff, and student’s schedules. And that is a lot.

So it’s important to not only prioritize each item but to know how to leverage technology and tools so you can take control of your time–all while strengthening your relationships.

Utilize calendar blocking to your advantage

Blocking out time on your calendar early will help you get through the day more efficiently. If you need to update a document, place a 20-30 minute blue block on your calendar to solely focus on that. Or, if there is an important admissions phone call you need to make, create a yellow block in order to give the person you are interacting with your full attention. Pre-designating times on your calendar ensures your mind won’t wander throughout the day. Using color coding will help you visually understand what types of tasks you are spending most of your time on. You can mark administrative tasks in blue, meetings in green, admission items in yellow and the list goes on.

Take control of your inbox

Almost everything is scheduled over email. Whether you are connecting with a person virtually or in-person, locking down a time can be difficult. You can send multiple timeslots that work for you, yet that doesn’t guarantee any of those slots will work for the recipient. This ultimately leads to endless back and forth and takes up chunks of time that could have been dedicated to other important tasks like budget calls, donor meetings, assisting with the admission process, and more.

Relying on outdated methods of communication only exacerbates the issue. Instead, use tools that allow you to provide meeting availability in real-time, right in the email invite itself. Likewise, email that floods your inbox can keep you from being able to focus. One great workaround for this is to “pause your inbox.” Doing this will give you reprieve from notifications so you can really get things done.

Schedule meetings with ease

In an increasingly automated, hybrid work environment, the old way of meeting scheduling with the back-and-forth emails or using a scheduling link simply aren’t great. The former clogs your inbox and the latter makes the person you’re inviting break out of their workflow. They have to switch tabs, find a time, and then fill out their information. Instead, look for tools that make it easier for you and the person you’re inviting. You’ll not only be able to lock in a time to meet quicker but it’ll keep your inbox from being clogged with back and forth emails.

Even though you are now starting to utilize technology to your advantage, prioritize tech that keeps interactions as personal as possible. Increasing scheduling efficiency doesn’t mean automating every interaction. These tools and features are available to enhance interactions rather than replace them to ensure you’re maintaining a personal touch when communicating with numerous stakeholders.

Leverage tech tools for success

Every part of the school system relies on higher education administrators. In order to effectively manage others’ schedules, place an emphasis on prioritizing your own time and tasks. Leveraging innovative technology and resources is essential to productivity and time management. By being proactive, utilizing your calendar, and owning your inbox, your workday will become structured, efficient and most importantly, enjoyable.

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