How big data is driving innovation at Elon University

Analyzing big data uncovers massive new opportunities for innovation and improving student success

We’re also using big data to gain insight into a range of processes across campus, from studying what makes high-achieving programs successful, to training advisors with metrics-driven feedback, to measuring on-campus engagement, and even designing new degrees.

For example, after we uncovered a trend in data that showed our theatre students were lagging behind others in participating in global education opportunities, we revised the degree path to incorporate global education into the body of the major. These types of course corrections are easier to make and to justify with the backing of data evidence.

Data. Insights. Campus-wide improvement.
With two full years of data securely stored on our platform and more being collected every day, we are in an incredible position to quickly react and adapt to campus-wide challenges. We’ve found that it’s no longer just academics that create a successful, thriving student, but the combination of academic coursework and an enriched on-campus experience. To create the best experience possible, it’s becoming increasingly important for schools to recognize the value of data they already have in their possession and invest in using that data to fuel innovation.

Collecting data, if not done properly, is meaningless. Data’s value is in the insights it uncovers and those insights are only possible with a system that can aggregate, integrate, and store it in ways that make it easy to understand and react to patterns. The good news is it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever to invest in data. Today, universities have the ability to holistically influence student and staff outcomes, creating massive new opportunities for innovation.

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