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Here’s why user experience is absolutely critical to higher education’s future

Many institutions don't know how user-experience design can positively change their students' experiences

Harnessing user experience is the most powerful tool higher-education institutions have to transform learning–but user-experience design is mostly foreign in higher education.

Despite its sporadic use, user-experience design is, in fact, a critical part of the future of higher education, according to ISTE CEO Richard Culatta, who expanded upon the idea during an EDUCAUSE 2017 session.

“If we look at how we can build around the needs of students, we will absolutely transform their lives, and our roles and values as institutions,” Culatta said.

Understanding three key things–the user, what they expect from their experience, and how they interact with the system–can help institutions leverage user experience for the benefit of all involved.

Part of the necessity in harnessing user design is that it will help institutions improve and move forward instead of remaining stagnant, Culatta said.

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Laura Ascione

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