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Students list the top 5 benefits of a campus app

The right campus app can help support students' academic success.

A new survey reveals that while 38 percent of students are somewhat or very worried they will not graduate on time, students also say their campus app helps them stay on top of their academic responsibilities.

The 2017 Student Life and Technology survey comes from DubLabs, a provider of personalized campus mobile applications focused on the student experience.

The survey aims to understand today’s postsecondary student experience and it reveals potential barriers to graduation and how students are leveraging campus resources to stay on track.

When asked what barriers might prevent them from graduating, students cited:
● Challenging curriculum (35 percent)
● Financial issues (27 percent)
● Additional responsibilities including work and family (18 percent)
● Lack of support/guidance from administration/faculty (8 percent)

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A recent report highlights the idea that more thought needs to be given on how to improve the student experience in an effort to boost graduation rates. To meet the expectations of today’s students, the report suggests that sustainable strategies supported by the right technology will help improve student success.

The survey examined how students are using campus resources, including their campus app. The survey results revealed:
● Seventy-five percent of responding students agree that their campus app helps them stay on top of course assignments
● Seventy-one percent report that their campus app saves them time
● Sixty-nine percent of students use their campus app to stay connected to campus life
● Sixty-seven percent of students agree that their campus app helps them better manage their day-to-day life as a student
● Fifty-nine percent of students say their campus app helps them communicate better with teachers

With the majority of students using their campus app to stay on top of assignments, the survey finds that students prefer academic features over social. When asked to rate how important each campus app feature is to them, respondents cited:
● Academics, including assignments, course discussion and grades (79 percent)
● Mobile alerts about grades and assignments (72 percent)
● Email access (63 percent)
● Communications with professors, staff and classmates (60 percent) as extremely important

Additionally, the survey finds that a campus app may have an impact on student experience. When asked to rank their college experience to date, 89 percent of students who use their campus app reported having a positive college experience.

The survey also outlines students’ top concerns about life after college. It found that 52 percent of survey respondents were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to find a job, and more students were concerned about not finding a job that’s satisfying (42 percent) than finding a job that pays well (39 percent). Rounding out the top concerns included having to be financially responsible and not being able to pay off student debts (31 percent). Interestingly, 13 percent of students listed living back home with their parents as their greatest concern, followed by starting a family (11 percent).

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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