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New tech to revolutionize studying abroad education

Co-curricular and experiential learning are being bolstered by technology to give study abroad students a transnational experience.

An international education organization often used by study abroad programs is harnessing the power of technology-supported blended teaching and learning to refine study abroad education programs by connecting students and faculty around the world and preparing learners to translate their global experience into a skill set that prepares them for the modern economy.

The organization, CAPA The Global Education Network  provides academic programs abroad for accredited American colleges and universities. Students from partnering US institutions enroll in courses and internships that help them to fulfill degree requirements or earn extra credentials, and hopefully have meaningful experiences that enable them to become thoughtful global citizens.

The organization is seeking to achieve those goals through their Globally Networked Learning initiative, which features personalized blended learning and global connections enhanced by technology and collaborative online learning communities that expand the opportunities for interaction between students, teachers and the “global city,” unconstrained by time or place. CAPA has campuses in Buenos Aires, Sydney, Shanghai, London, Dublin and Florence.

“CAPA knows the vital role that technology plays in preparing students to not only live in a globally interdependent and diverse world, but also prepare them for their future careers,” said John Christian, CEO and president of CAPA. “We blend technology into teaching to enhance both the student’s learning experience and outcomes. Through CAPA’s Globally Networked Learning approach, our students don’t just gain a study abroad experience in one city; they’re gaining a global perspective that will help them stand out in a crowded job market after they graduate.”

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