From admissions to graduation, students know what they want—here’s how to use digital strategies to improve the student experience.

Boosting the student experience by meeting digital expectations

From admissions to graduation, students have a firm view of what they want—here’s how to use digital strategies to improve the student experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused IT leaders in higher education to rethink their interactions and expectations with their students as they strive to better the student experience. Many are asking their teams, “Do you want to be the university of repetitious sign-ins, duplicate questions, and old technology–or do you want to be modern, seamless, and digitally integrated?”

While academic institutions worked quickly during the pandemic to shift to remote learning and provide a seamless digital experience, there are still many opportunities for further digital transformation that can deliver benefits to students and staff alike. Through IT modernization and the adoption of digital platforms, academic institutions can not only deliver the digital experiences students desire, but also improve equity and accessibility in higher education over the long term.

An example is the traditional college admissions process–often disjointed and requiring prospective students to submit multiple forms and visit numerous offices across campus. Even when digital application processes are available, prospective students often still need to navigate multiple, outdated systems that do not communicate with each other seamlessly. As a result, students experience slow processing times, crashing systems and a fragmented application experience.

Today, cloud-based application integration platforms are enabling forward-thinking academic institutions to digitally transform, setting the stage for a new student experience. With a modern integration strategy for systems, applications, and data, academic institutions can streamline the admission process, improve the student experience, and rethink the technology powering higher education.

Reimagining college evaluation and admissions

Rather than the traditional, disjointed college admissions process, academic institutions today can leverage easy-to-use, low-code integration technologies to create a centralized and unified digital platform that delivers a better experience from the beginning.

Before a student even sets foot on campus, an integrated digital application experience can attract bright new minds by simplifying the admissions process through unified branding and a simple, easy-to-use UX. With a unified, digital platform and integrated data workflows on the backend, as prospective students learn about the school, they can more easily access different components of the application and admissions process because all elements are connected — from the first campus visit to acceptance. Students need only fill out their information once, delivering a better admissions experience and helping them feel recognized by the school. This data sync can follow accepted students through the rest of their campus experiences. This is a powerful introduction to what the campus experience will be and, in turn, establishes a bond between the prospective student and the university brand.

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