While higher-ed institutions have proven success with online learning, the big question on the minds of students, parents, faculty, and staff is: “What is the campus experience going to look like this year?”

With many students set to begin by late August, institutions are still making decisions based on the pandemic situation in their states and communities. And, with that situation changing rapidly and COVID-19 cases increasing across the U.S., it’s hard to know whether any decision will still be the right one when classes begin.

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Whether the institution opts for in-person instruction, online learning, or a hybrid approach, it’s certain that students will have a vastly different campus experience than before. Parents and students are asking themselves, “What are we really paying for, and is it worth it now? If I can’t enjoy campus life, in-person classes, dining halls, clubs, sports, activities and access to faculty, then why should I pay full tuition?”

These are valid questions, and ones that institutions should be addressing now by reimagining student life and community engagement and innovating a new campus experience in the age of COVID-19.

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About the Author:

Cooper Jones is CEO and co-founder of Rah Rah.