While most millennials highly value their college education and degree, a notable 40 percent wish they had done more to prepare for their careers during college, according to a new survey.

The Millennial College Graduate Report details key insights into millennials’ level of satisfaction with their academic experience and preparation for careers.

The study finds that contrary to a frequent narrative that has been reported in recent years, a majority of college graduates value the education that they received. Most also report that their degrees prepared them for employment and they would not change the decision they made to attend college.

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“While the majority of recent college graduates believe that their education brought them value in obtaining employment, there remains a large minority that hold some reservations about the career preparation aspect,” says Dr. Larry Chiagouris, the report’s director. “If you consider that most companies would not be pleased to learn that more than a third of their customer base holds some form of negative perception, it’s clear that there is a path to improvement in this area.”

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