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Many Millennials can’t identify fake news

New research reveals that despite sharing news on social media, many young people cannot spot the fake news.

The ability to identify fake news and false information is more important than ever–but critical thinking and information evaluation might pose a problem for Millennials, according to a new study from MindEdge Learning.

The study, conducted by Research Now, gauges the attitudes of 1,000 Millennials who are currently in college or are recent graduates in order to evaluate this group’s critical thinking skills and determine whether they were able to separate fake news from factual information.

The results were not promising: 44 percent of respondents received a relative ‘F’ when it comes to these skills.

Looking at news with a critical eye is essential given Millennials’ reliance on social networking. Fifty-five percent get their news through social media, and 51 percent share news through social media.

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Laura Ascione