Answers sought in northern Wis. hostage situation

Sam Hengel was by all accounts the least likely of 15-year-olds to bring two pistols, knives and more than 200 rounds of ammunition into his social studies class, taking several of his closest friends and other terrified classmates hostage before shooting himself to death, the Associated Press reports. He was a good student with extracurriculars such as Boy Scouts and Taekwondo. A hunting and fishing enthusiast, he had a lot of friends and police don’t believe he was bullied. He loved his gadgets and the Green Bay Packers. As law enforcement try to figure out what may have led Hengel to take over his Marinette High School classroom for more than six hours Monday and ultimately take his own life, family and friends say they’re at a loss.

“I was devastated. He was just an exemplary kid,” said Henry Johnston, one of Hengel’s scout leaders. “That question ‘why?’ is just a question there’s no answer for at this time.”

Police Chief Jeffrey Skorik isn’t sure there ever will be……Read More