In a new web world, no application is an island

The web is poised for a comeback. How’s that? Isn’t the web already the crucial utility of online commerce, information and entertainment? In many ways, it certainly is. The web’s importance is indisputable–but there are signs that it is slipping, reports the New York Times. Investment, innovation and energy have been shifting elsewhere in computing–mainly, to shopping, gaming and news applications for smartphones and tablet computers. These applications often tap into web sites for information on all manner of things. But they do not reside on the open web, and cannot be searched and linked to one another in the same way web applications can. Think of the apps tailored for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, or those made for Google’s Android operating system. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have similar characteristics, as walled gardens that are connected to the open Web but are separate from it…

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Schools beef up security for web applications

Colleges are using web apps for more than just eMail.
Colleges are using web apps for more than just eMail.

K-12 schools and colleges are adding extra layers of security to web applications that are being used for everything from eMail service to group assignments. The extra security is particularly desired as administrators use the applications to store sensitive information that could compromise student and faculty privacy.

Google Apps has risen to prominence in education’s move toward web-based tools that store massive amounts of data and allow for collaboration. Google announced in February that 7 million students—about half of all college students in the U.S.—now use the company’s applications, such as Google Sites, Google Docs, and Gmail.

With invaluable information stored online and vulnerable to any hacker who can figure out a single password, administrators are looking for ways to ensure that student and educator data are kept safe with more complex security methods.…Read More

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