Virginia law school makes huge mistake

Sensitive information like GPAs, class rankings, and addresses were mistakenly emailed to 160 University of Virginia law students

emailresizedThe University of Virginia Law School last week accidentally emailed out the personal information of 155 students, including grade point averages, class rankings, and biographical information — like  the addresses of some of their girlfriends.

Student Social Security numbers were not part of the leak. The spreadsheet of information about clerkship applicants was received by 160 law students.

The University of Virginia Law School released a statement Thursday apologizing for the lapse.…Read More

U-Va. upheaval: 18 days of leadership crisis

The call summoning Teresa Sullivan arrives at 3:30 p.m. June 18, as she lingers on the edge of the Lawn at the University of Virginia, thousands of supporters massed between her and the Rotunda, the Washington Post reports. Inside, the university’s board awaits her farewell address.

Her husband and elder son trailing, the outgoing U-Va. president wades through the hordes on the sloping green, her steps slowed by outstretched hands.

“U-V-A! U-V-A!” they chant, the din so thunderous Sullivan can barely make out the shouted greetings.…Read More