DOE announces $17 million in nuclear energy research grants for universities

The Department of Energy announced today that it is awarding more than $17 million in grants to 23 universities to strengthen and encourage the development of new nuclear energy technologies, Yahoo! News reports. The grants will come from the DOE’s Nuclear Energy University Programs and will provide full grants for the higher education institutions that will help fund projects that will develop the next generation of nuclear energy technologies and ways to upgrade the current nuclear energy reactors across the country…

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Google search change leads to major higher-ed security breach

IT experts say campuses should more quickly adjust to Google search changes.

A modification in the way Google searches the web exposed the Social Security numbers of 43,000 people affiliated with Yale University, highlighting another data storage vulnerability that could vex campus IT leaders and prompting questions from technologists who are skeptical of colleges’ commitment to securing sensitive information.

The Yale breach is the latest high-profile data security incident in higher education—one that originated in September 2010, when Google announced its searches would include file transfer protocol (FTP) servers, which previously had been off-limits to general internet queries.

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