6 unique scholarships to inspire students in the new year

The cost of college tuition alone, not to mention housing, books, and meals, is daunting for students and families across the nation.

Not all students will qualify for federal financial aid, leaving many to take on students loans as the only option to pay for college. The student loan industry, which has been hotly debated in recent years, further burdens students, as they graduate and are faced with high payments many entry-level salaries can’t reasonably cover.

Scholarships can help students bridge the gap between their finances and what higher education actually costs–and there’s a scholarship for nearly everything.…Read More

Technology makes student aid more accessible

Students have increasingly looked to the web for financial aid.
Students have increasingly looked to the web for financial aid.

Over the past decade and a half, the internet has made it easier for families to learn about, find, and apply for college scholarships, government grants, and other types of student financial aid. This transformation of the financial aid industry continues even today with a simplified federal aid form and a new XML data standard that will make applying for scholarships easier than ever.

I have acted as a catalyst for some of these major developments and have a unique perspective on the role of the internet in paying for college.

I founded the FinAid web site in the early 1990s to help people plan for and pay for college by making the process easier to understand and more efficient. FinAid was one of the internet’s first web sites, not just one of the first web sites about student financial aid. It is also one of the oldest web sites still in existence.…Read More