Will online games-for-scholarships site fly with parents?

ScholarGamers.com's competition for scholarship money ends Dec. 15.

Angelo Tartaro said his business model could prompt a sentence never before uttered by a parent: “I want to one day hear a mother say, ‘Tommy, put down that ball and bat and get in here and play video games so you can win a scholarship.’”

Tartaro, while watching a college basketball game chock full of players on scholarship last year, had an idea for an online platform that would allow superior gamers to convert their hand-eye acumen into scholarship money, just like the basketball stars had done with their physical prowess.

Tartaro and a group of investors based in New Jersey launched the site ScholarGamers.com in October, and from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, thousands of middle and high school students nationwide will compete for up to $10,000 in scholarship money.…Read More