Professor Gaga? Lady Gaga teaches youth at the launch of the Born This Way Foundation

When I think Harvard I think of two things: education and Legally Blonde. I definitely do not think of Lady Gaga. So, when I was asked to attend her “Born This Way Foundation” launch last Wednesday at Harvard University in Boston, I was immediately curious, says Renee Dushane for the Huffington Post. As any teenager would, I consulted Google to learn more about it. The first thing that struck me is that “Born This Way” seems like such a unique kind of foundation–something I’d never really heard of anyone else doing before, for reasons I’ll explain below. What made Lady Gaga want to launch a foundation? was probably the biggest question I had. I kept hoping this idea was as amazing as it seemed in writing: “to build a braver, kinder world that celebrates individuality and empowers young people.” I should have known it would be. I mean, when does Lady Gaga do anything that isn’t over the top spectacular? Fan or not, she does a lot of good for a lot of teens…

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