INFOGRAPHIC: 5 challenges to taking content mobile

New infographic reminds IT and faculty that moving to mobile learning comes with a unique set of considerations

mobile-content-mlearningCreating environments for mobile learning begins first with IT infrastructure, then actually determining how to optimize content for mobile learning.

“Mobile Learning-it’s easy, it’s intuitive and it definitely gives good returns on investment,” says Origin Learning, which created the infographic. “With many [institutions] already using it and others beginning to take the plunge, mLearning seems to have taken off well-thanks to rapid innovation in cloud computing and widespread adoption of BYOD policies. Already, combined tablet and smartphone shipments surpass those of desktops and notebooks.”

“However,” the company continued, “the inherent characteristics of a mobile device pose a few challenges to instructional and content designers in avoiding the risk of defeating its purpose of learning.”…Read More

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