Harrison ushers in online education revolution

While recent headlines have criticized the for-profit sector of higher education, an objective examination reveals they are in many ways more responsive than nonprofit sector institutions to the needs of today’s students, the Journal Gazette reports. Factors driving growth in the for-profit sector include student preferences for accessibility and convenience via online offerings, as well as the ability for direct, immediate application of educational content to their workplace environments…

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New web interface could become the future of online instruction

KnowU will offer individualized advice for Harrison students.

Indiana’s Harrison College wants to lead the way in online education with a new web interface developed by the school. The interface, which took a little over a year and more than $1 million to develop, is called KnowU.

Harrison College recently launched a microsite (knowu.harrison.edu) to enable students to get a feel for what’s to come, said Mark Apple, associate director of public relations.

The interface, which aims to make online learning more “authentic,” will be available to a test group of about 200 students in January.…Read More

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