iPads to enhance learning for education majors

Oklahoma University education majors soon will learn how to enhance K-12 learning through iPad usage.

Beginning this spring, 575 undergraduate students at the University of Oklahoma‘s Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education will be given fourth-generation iPads to complete assignments and create lesson plans, and they’ll carry their course work into the professional world with them.

“Students will use iPads within the curriculum to create digital content for classes and prepare to teach in K-12 schools with similar iPad programs,” said Erin Yarbrough, director of web communications at OU. “The goal of this initiative is to enhance the traditional learning experience of our students in the classroom and create better teachers.”

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Content-rights flap muddies debut of Google’s cloud storage

Google responded to internet chatter after the release of Google Drive.

Google is already facing spasms of suspicion and confusion as it tries to persuade educators, students, and others to entrust their personal documents, photos, and other digital content to the company’s new online storage service.

That became apparent shortly after the April 24 release of the long-awaited Google Drive service.

Before the day was over, technology blogs and Twitter users were picking apart a legal clause that made it sound as if all the users’ content stored in Google Drive automatically would become the intellectual property of Google Inc.…Read More