More states are recognizing the importance of non-degree credentials

A selection of non-degree badges
Although no state has comprehensive data about all types of non-degree credentials, including certificates, licenses, and industry certifications, states are improving their data collection practices around non-degree credential…

Suite of 8 digital badges highlights 21st-century skills

digital badges
A new set of digital badges aims to help educators and industry leaders better evaluate students’ 21st-century skills. The 21st ... Read more

Why academic assessment is poised for a scientific revolution

academic assessment
In 1906, Englishman J. J. Thompson challenged the scientific community’s understanding of the atom with his “plum pudding” theory. The model ultimately led to scientific evidence of the…

5 key steps in developing a system for digital credentials

digital credentials
A new field guide for community college and university leaders outlines five key strategies to help institutions as they develop a system for digital credentials. The guide, “Partnering…

Is it time to shake up traditional learning, employment pathways?

employment pathways
Traditional learning-to-employment pathways are becoming a thing of the past, and educators and employers should instead focus on supporting competency-based approaches to education, training and hiring. The case…