Sexual violence on Amherst’s campus

An offensive T-shirt printed by an off-campus fraternity at Amherst College has triggered a heated debate about the school’s alleged “sexist” culture, which some students say has spawned an unsafe environment for women and survivors of sexual violence, the Huffington Post reports. Dana Bolger, a 21-year-old junior at Amherst, recently wrote a blog post for AC Voice, a college publication, in which she discussed the offensive T-shirt and its broader implications: “Do you wonder what sexism and misogyny look like in 2012? Imagine a drawing of a woman. She’s clad only in a bra and a thong. She’s got bruises on her side. There’s an apple jammed in her mouth. And she’s stretched out, tied up, suspended from a spit and roasting over a fire. You don’t have to imagine. [In] April, a fraternity at Amherst College designed this image, stuck it on a T-shirt and sold the shirt to students… By the way, there is a pig depicted on the shirt. It’s in the corner, smoking a cigar and watching the woman roast. The words “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847” appear above the image.”

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