Student test fire of ‘3D-printed’ handgun draw lawmakers’ ire

New York lawmakers say they’ll introduce measures to ban 3-D weapons.

After successfully firing a gun made with a 3-D printer over the weekend, a University of Texas law school student hopes to refine the prototype and ultimately distribute online files so anyone can make one.

Meanwhile, policymakers say the proliferation of 3-D guns could require new laws.

The test firing amid the national gun control debate was immediately called “stomach-churning” by one U.S. senator and has prompted nervous calls for legislation to ban such guns. The first prototypes were all plastic, but 25-year-old Cody Wilson says he has made modifications including adding 6 ounces of steel so metal detectors can spot it.…Read More

3-D avatars could put you in two places at once

If Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson are right, here is what’s in store for you and your avatar very soon, probably within the next five years, reports the New York Times:

1)      Without leaving your living room or office, you’ll sit at three-dimensional virtual meetings and classes, looking around the table or the lecture hall at your colleagues’ avatars…

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