Shamrock Solutions Launches Revolutionary Transcript Processing Automation Software, Freedom

KANSAS CITY, Kansas — Shamrock Solutions, a leading provider of business process automation technology, announces the launch of their latest innovation, Freedom.

The Freedom software platform streamlines transcript processing for Higher Education institutions by automating the sorting and screening of applications and transcripts, ultimately providing faster and more accurate admissions decisions.
Freedom’s advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology extracts data from transcripts and feeds it into processing systems for academic screening. The software is designed to learn over time, with algorithms becoming more intelligent and accurate with each use. As more transcripts are processed, Freedom becomes even more efficient, allowing university admissions departments to make decisions in less time with greater accuracy.

“This is a game-changer for higher education institutions,” says Shamrock Solutions CEO, Rob Albright. “Freedom eliminates the need for manual data entry, significantly reducing processing time and costs while improving accuracy. With Freedom, admissions departments can make decisions in days rather than weeks, giving students a faster response and a better overall experience.”

Freedom’s cloud-based architecture bypasses the need for on-site infrastructure, making it easy for universities to implement and manage. Additionally, Shamrock Solutions’ Transcript-as-a-Service (TAAS) model provides a touchless option for staff, allowing for even greater efficiency and accuracy in transcript processing. “Freedom’s
TAAS model will be of particular benefit as remote work becomes more prevalent,” notes Albright. “With TAAS, staff can access transcripts from anywhere, and provide notice to students on admissions decisions within three days.”

Freedom’s launch comes at a time when colleges and universities are facing increased competition for students, and admissions departments are under pressure to deliver faster response times. Freedom provides a competitive advantage by enabling admissions departments to process transcripts faster and more accurately than their peers, ultimately leading to more enrollments and a better overall experience for students.

Features and benefits of Freedom enable Admissions staff to:

• Process incoming high school, transfer credit, international, and military transcripts automatically.
• Standardize and extract meaning from high-school coursework.
• Speed up admissions decision-making, providing notice to students within 3 days.
• Reduce costs associated with manual data entry and repurpose staff to higher-value work.
• Bypass the need for on-site infrastructure with Freedom’s cloud-based architecture.
• Provide a touchless option for staff with Shamrock’s Transcript-as-a-Service (TAAS) model.

Freedom is now available for universities and colleges. Interested institutions can visit Shamrock Solutions’ website,, to learn more about the software and how it can transform their admissions operations.

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