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5 reasons we upgraded our campus Wi-Fi

A network refresh transformed student wireless experiences at Chapman University while also positioning us to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6 and support whatever comes next

Meeting the expectations of today’s mobility-centric students has become a top priority in higher ed, including at Chapman University. Here, our student surveys consistently designate campus Wi-Fi as the most important service our institution provides. In our classrooms, mobile is rapidly becoming the norm with some colleges, such as in our School of Pharmacy, already all-wireless.

To meet the needs of the 13,000 mobile and IoT devices concurrently connecting to our campus Wi-Fi network, as well as support whatever comes next, we recently found ourselves at a crossroads. Here are the reasons a complete overhaul of our wireless infrastructure proved the right path for us.

Reason #1: Effectively resolve reliability complaints

About four years ago, student complaints about campus Wi-Fi skyrocketed. Connections frequently dropped when moving between classes, which often required a device reboot. It was also common for an individual to be standing in close proximity to an access point, but their connection was still unreliable.

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