How an ePortfolio helps students from college to career

The California State University System has entered into a three-year agreement to provide its students with ePortfolios powered by Portfolium.com; helping 460K students and 3M alumni prove competencies and employability to top companies.

eportfolio-onlinePortfolium, an ePortfolio and Career Readiness Network, has signed a 3-year agreement with the Cal State University System, making Portfolium the sponsored provider of ePortfolio networks to CSU’s 460,000 students and 3,000,000 alumni from all 23 CSU campuses.

“The CSU is excited about its partnership with Portfolium, which represents another tool to help our students be successful while attending the university, as well as help them find jobs after they graduate,” said Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Loren Blanchard. “We also see this as another way to increase the opportunities for networking among our alumni.”

Portfolium’s relationship with the CSU system is rooted in successful campus-wide launches at CSU San Marcos, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Diego State University and Cal State Northridge. An incredible 65% of Cal Poly’s students began building their ePortfolios within just 7 days of the campus-wide rollout. Due to the positive buzz among students, over 80,000 students from the CSU system have joined and started their portfolios organically outside of the formal CSU partnership.

“We are very pleased with the ease of implementation of Portfolium and their entire team’s responsiveness before, during, and after the launch. Preparation was minimal. We are very excited for our students and alumni to have a competitive tool that will help them translate their academic preparation to a career or promotion,” said Neal Hoss, VP Advancement, Cal State San Marcos.

Students and alumni access Portfolium via the exclusive network for their CSU campus. Through this network, they create a digital portfolio of their academic and professional accomplishments including projects, presentations and papers. The interface highlights talents and achievements that aren’t easily captured in a traditional resume, and their work is showcased in a collaborative environment that connects them directly to companies, recruiters, internships and jobs.

“After having our students test multiple ePortfolio options over last summer, Portfolium was chosen as the ideal platform to showcase the work and projects of Cal Poly students and alumni,” said Charlotte Rinaldi, Assistant Director, Career Services, Cal Poly SLO.

Students and faculty alike have attributed Portfolium’s high marks and adoption success to its unique social networking feel, user-friendly interface, high level of accessibility, and rapid onboarding and implementation portal.

The partnership with Portfolium highlights the CSU’s commitment to high-impact practices that support student success and expand opportunity. The tool helps students focus on outcomes including career readiness, skills planning, assessment and reflection, and employer engagement, while integrating with pre-existing LMS tools such as Blackboard and Canvas.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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