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Innovation is building your own adaptive tech solution, says major university

ASU, Cengage Learning and Knewton to develop “highly personalized” active adaptive learning solution.

adaptive-ASU, knewtonWhat could be more innovative that custom-building an adaptive learning platform from the ground-up to specifically tailor learning to your institution’s mission?

Yesterday at the ASU+GSV Summit, Arizona State University (ASU), Cengage Learning and Knewton announced a partnership to co-develop what ASU is calling “Active Adaptive” learning solutions, which leverage Knewton adaptive technology in new ways.

These innovators in higher education will co-develop a solution from the ground-up utilizing adaptive technology paired with content and active learning activities, with the aim of empowering instructors to spend more time supporting and inspiring learning, and less time managing and lecturing students.

ASU recognized the need for a new, customized way to deliver materials to students, allowing them to learn using instruction and content uniquely tailored to their individual needs in an environment that meets the University’s goals of having students take a more active role in their own learning.

(Next page: What the adaptive tool will enable; how it will be used)

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