Five signs you may need a new LMS

Key trends in learning, new tech features are redefining the higher-ed classroom—be ready

LMS-change-signsAccording to the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research, 15 percent of U.S institutions are planning to replace their existing Learning Management System solutions within the next three years.

One of the reasons for institutions are planning to replace their LMS’ is because though these systems have been around since the late 1990s, only recently have they begun to evolve with dynamic capabilities that tap into eLearning’s true potential made possible by today’s internet technology.

The Center also found that the average lifespan of an LMS is eight years, so the percentage of institutions replacing their systems should continue to rise in the near future.

It’s also always prudent to replace a system before it’s too late, which means schools and corporations using LMS’ for teaching and training are strongly considering new solutions before exhausting their current one. This is especially true if their existing LMS isn’t meeting the needs and expectations of teachers and students, or is becoming unmanageable or too expensive to maintain.

Here are five indications it might be time to consider a new LMS solution:

1. Unreasonable cost of ownership

Current-generation LMS platforms might cost less upfront for software but can have a high total cost of ownership when support, maintenance, and plug-ins are included. If your LMS is becoming more costly for these reasons, or if subscription costs keep rising without new system features, now is probably a good time to evaluate newer next-generation systems.

Scalability is also a consideration. As system use grows as courses and learners escalate, it’s important your LMS can seamlessly meet the demand without interruption. Cloud-based systems address this issue in addition to the many other pluses they offer. While some can be pricey, many next-generation cloud models are affordable, so it “pays” to shop around and carefully evaluate a number of systems before deciding which LMS is right for your organization.

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