Inviting monsters into the online classroom

Here, with the guidance of the instructor, students learn from each other, exploring theories and strategies for both understanding the zombie apocalypse and surviving it.

The online course runs every eight weeks. Since its premiere in January 2013, we’ve filled multiple sections with eager students of all ages and backgrounds.

Frankly, some higher ed colleagues roll their eyes at the course. How serious could it be?

Those folks should study more history. Not so long ago, the very idea of studying novels seemed preposterous.

In the 18th Century, books like Tom Jones were typically viewed as scandalous wastes of time; serious people only read theology. Much more recently, the study of film– any sort of film– was ridiculed by “serious” academics.

We believe that if you can find a way to engage students in meaningful discussions that stretch their intellectual horizons, you ought to do it.

We’ve built upon the success of Zombies with similarly provocative courses.

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