‘Community source’ project helps colleges tackle enterprise systems

Keeping in step with its other projects, the Kuali Foundation built the app on its Kuali Mobility Enterprise (KME) framework, of which Vivantech is a founding member. KME is a platform for optimizing mobile tools for higher education.

“This new DVQE Mobile App handles the coordination of all expense vouchers,” said Ozden. “It routes them through the appropriate succession of personnel for review and approvals, providing all of the information necessary to make informed decisions.”

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The DVQE app manages pertinent documents related to each expense voucher: general account information, the purpose and nature of the business trip, details and background of each expense, and an explanation of why some of the expenses might have gone over the maximum allowance.   The DVQE Mobile App also simplifies the approval process for campus administrators. Transaction reviewers have several options: approve the voucher and send it along in the routing process, disapprove the voucher and deny the user’s request, or return the voucher to the user and restart the routing process.

Though currently still in limited release, Ozden believes the DVQE Mobile App will be successful because it meets the needs of educators.

“Many faculty members are constantly on the go, so they don’t have time to log in to traditional ERP systems,” said Ozden. “But every single one of them has an iPhone or an Android [device].”

The KME platform deploys new versions of the app automatically, so users don’t have to update the software themselves through the app store. Various customization options are available, as Kuali and Vivantech understand that educators’ needs might differ.

The Kuali Foundation and its 70-plus members are working on five other software products as well, which are in various stages of development: Kuali Rice, a “middleware” project that enables developers to react to end-user requirements quickly in order to produce high-quality business applications; Kuali Coeus for research administration; Kuali Open Library Environment; Kuali Ready, a business continuity planning tool; and Kuali Student, a next-generation student administration system.

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