Turnitin used by all universities in Singapore

iParadigms, creator of the plagiarism prevention program Turnitin, has announced that its software has been adopted by all four universities in Singapore, PR Newswire reports. Turnitin is used across the universities’ curricula and is available to tens of thousands of educators and students. At the National University of Singapore, where Turnitin has been used since 2002, Associate Professor Brian Farrell in the Department of History says: “In my own experience with Turnitin, I have found it to be useful in doing four important things: categorically exposing crude and massive plagiarism; providing a graphic illustration of general student practices regarding the use of sources and the composition of research essays; providing a graphic teaching aid to instruct students on the problem of cut and paste; and sending a general signal about plagiarism, academic culture, and responsibilities.” More than a half-million educators and millions of students worldwide now use Turnitin, iParadigms says, and the program is available in 10 languages…

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