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12 things chief enrollment officers say about their role

Chief enrollment officers shoulder much responsibility, but their role is increasingly complicated

The role of chief enrollment officers is complex due to increasing pressure, yet many who responded to a recent survey say they feel optimistic about the future of their position.

A survey from Witt/Kieffer sheds a light on the intensifying pressure chief enrollment officers face from institution presidents, provosts, colleagues, and departments such as student affairs and marketing.

It finds that a majority of the 137 chief enrollment officers surveyed say they are ready to face the increased expectations of the position–83 percent of those surveyed are optimistic about the future of the enrollment profession, and 64 percent say they plan to stay in the enrollment field.

Chief enrollment officers’ main goal is to find the best match and right number of students for their specific institution, but this task is complicated by a shrinking student pool, the need to please a wide range of stakeholders, the relative newness of the profession, and the wide range of skills needed to satisfy the growing challenges accompanying the profession.

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Laura Ascione

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