Did your favorite articles during the week of September 16 make the top five most viewed articles in eCampus News?

This has been another great week for eCampus News.

This week’s featured stories include what went wrong in San Jose State University’s MOOC experiment, Google’s partnership with edX, Education Marketplace as a new online outlet for creating, selling, and finding digital educational content, campus security issues, colleges charging for internet bandwidth use, and the growth of MOOCs.

Please enjoy this week’s top 5 most viewed articles:

  1. Google Mooc site: ‘More of the same?’ by Jake New, published 9/11/2013.
  2. MOOC students to be identified with webcams by Jake New, published 9/17/2013.
  3. What’s hogging bandwidth on college campuses? by Denny Carter, published 9/18/2013.
  4. Survey: students satisfied by with online learning by Denny Carter, published 9/16/2013.
  5. Education marketplace creates ‘systemized’ content search by Jake New, published 9/16/2013.

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