States network to improve community college success

A new collaboration aims to boost community college achievement.

Improving community college success and boosting completion rates are the two major goals of the Postsecondary State Policy Network, a multi-state collaboration lead by Jobs for the Future in conjunction with Achieving the Dream.

Both Jobs for the Future and Achieving the Dream aim to create pathways to success for community college students, particularly low-income students. Jobs for the Future concentrates on improving college readiness and ensuring career advancement, while Achieving the Dream is a non-governmental reform network for community college student success.

The Postsecondary State Policy Network strives to improve community college completion rates through sharing information, resources, and experiences to effect change.  Eleven states are part of the network: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia.

The Virginia Community College System has benefited from its involvement in the network. In partnership with other network policy officials, Virginia has implemented a new assessment and placement protocol in all 23 of its community colleges. New sequential math modules and an integrated reading and writing curriculum have also been employed.

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