At elite colleges, the rich stay rich

Shopping for the right college is a bit like shopping for carpets in the depths of a souk in Marrakesh. Only a sucker would dream of paying the full sticker price, says the Daily Caller. However, getting to the actual price you’ll pay involves an elaborate, unavoidable, grossly inefficient dance. In Marrakesh, the dance is bargaining; at American colleges, it’s mostly filling out a bunch of forms. There is some good news, though. If you or your kids happen to have exceptional academic credentials, a handful of the most illustrious colleges and universities in the country have eliminated loans (at least to some extent). These schools have replaced loans with grants that never need to be repaid, thus reducing student debt considerably — often down to zero. On-campus jobs, summer savings and, especially, endowments bigger than the GDPs of some countries, make up the difference…

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