Survey: Back-to-college clothing is more important than tablets

If you’re a college student, it’s likely you’ve purchased some new fall wardrobe staples rather than a tablet this school year, Mashable reports. This latest inforgraphic from social media agency MRY titled, “Back-to-College 2012” shows us how today’s college students shop for back-to-school items and how they’ve prioritized their purchases. Students spend an average of $900 during this time of year (this figure comes from research conducted by which is the digital/e-commerce division of the National Retail Federation.) Students lean toward buying must-have items like laptops, software and books, but above all, fall clothing (61% of purchases). Only 13% of college students say they spent their back-to-school funds on tablets. According to the survey, college students prefer brick-and-mortar stores to online shops when buying their back-to-school items, especially big-box retailers like Target and Walmart where they can buy many types of items in one trip. But they welcome digital help for shopping advice. College students turn to Facebook when it comes to talking about back to school shopping (88%), only second to talking about desired purchases in-person (97%). More than half of students reached out to a brand directly on Facebook (55%)…

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