While there was undoubtedly a collective sigh of relief when we closed the door on 2020, it’s imperative that we not try to dismiss all that the last year brought us – Covid-19, calls for racial equality and unprecedented political involvement – but instead emerge better for it.

For those in the business of higher education, thinking seriously about how the events of 2020 impacted students is incredibly important. What’s even more important is translating those insights to changes that will mutually benefit them and their students.

For example, career preparation has always been top of mind for college-bound teens. But more students now than ever before are beginning to realize the need to plan ahead. A recent survey found that 99 percent of Gen Z recognizes the value of making connections with employers, even when they don’t have jobs currently available.

Covid-19 has shown today’s student the vulnerability of a large swath of job opportunities they may be considering. And considering the ever-increasing costs of college tuition, it’s reasonable to believe that future generations of college students will be looking at the current job market and only investing in a college they’re confident will prepare them for success after graduation.

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About the Author:

Casey Welch is the president and CEO of Tallo, an online platform that connects talent with opportunities.