Grant funding can be an excellent way for higher education institutions to lift pilot projects off the ground or enhance existing programs or services. College and university health and mental health care departments may especially benefit from obtaining additional grant funding to support innovations in health care delivery, particularly in light of the recent Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) public health emergency which has made telehealth services much more ubiquitous.

In response to its rising popularity, grants supporting telehealth programs have increasingly become a priority topic due to the ability for telehealth to address major gaps in our healthcare system including care access, quality, and patient/provider satisfaction.

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The COVID-19 crisis has filtered even more funds to support telehealth and has led to deadline extensions from existing funding announcements. For example, to address health care needs during COVID-19, the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) Telehealth Network and Telehealth Resource Centers Grant Programs authorized $29 million per year through 2025 and have relaxed the criteria for who qualifies as an eligible applicant. (1)

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About the Author:

Kelly Carleton, MA, is Clinical Operations Director at Mantra Health. She has a background in managing over $6 million in grant funded programs (e.g., federal, private, etc) to support behavioral health integration and telemental health initiatives at a large medical center. Questions related to the grant application process or guidance on where to start can be directed to Kelly at, or you can book an appointment here.