The global COVID-19 health crisis has closed thousands of campuses and forced millions of students and instructors to move to online learning – and quickly! Many are moving into a new territory of learning, which is as unsettling as it is rewarding.

To help ease the stress, here are a few tips to quickly transition courses to an online modality, based on a recent webinar I hosted for instructors.

1. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. It takes months to design and create a great online course – many of you are doing this in weeks or days. Be realistic about what you can actually create on your own in this time frame; the goal right now is not the development of a perfect online course, but the utilization of digital tools to ensure continuity of learning for our students.

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Also, remember that many of your students are just as new to this as you are – they did not sign up to take an online course and are likely nervous about the change, as well as their ability to learn and succeed in an online environment. It’s important to ease your students’ fears and let them know you are here and focused on helping them succeed.

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About the Author:

Shawn Orr is the Director of the Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence and a faculty member in the Department of Communication Studies at Ashland University in OH. She is also a Cengage faculty partner and recently hosted a webinar about how instructors can quickly move courses online. You can view the recording here.