Many views on the NACAC rule changes that happened in October focus on potential negative outcomes of the vote. One fear is that the previously-held college recruitment standards will become a thing of the past and be replaced by a new “no holds barred” model.

However, I foresee beneficial outcomes resulting from these changes, especially for students at two critical junctures: 1) making an initial admission selection and 2) reconsidering their initial admissions decision and switching to another school after matriculation.

Previously, when prospective students committed to an institution, competitors were required to discontinue recruiting these students. Although meant to protect committed students from being barraged by marketing materials, it also meant that students were not receiving a number of competing admissions offers, some of which may have been attractive, heavily-considered options. While some students remain steadfast in their decision to attend an institution once they commit, others may benefit from still considering other competitive offers in the months leading up to registration.

About the Author:

Genise Schuette is a Strategic Consultant with Campus Management, a provider of cloud-based SIS, CRM and ERP solutions and services that transform higher education institutions. She brings a wealth of technology innovation expertise as well as nearly a decade of experience working in college admissions.