Top trends: Online learning

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1. 4 myths about accessibility and online learning
Those who are in higher education are probably tired of hearing about accessibility. But accessibility awareness is the key point to making courses accessible. Bringing this awareness to faculty on how they design a course had been an ongoing charge for those in higher education that work with course design.

2. From LMS to NGDLE: the acronyms of the future of online learning
As LMSs have advanced and new technologies are appearing in classrooms at the collegiate and PK-12 levels, the LMS is beginning to merge into the digital learning environment (DLE). The DLE encompasses not only the traditional domains of the LMS but expands to include greater personalization, advising, and more robust analytics.

3. 3 drivers of new online learning models
Online learning is on the verge of yet another revolution, in which students demand blended learning experiences, according to a whitepaper from Entangled Solutions. These learning models, which are a mix of online and face-to-face, in addition to other demands from a new generation of students, will require colleges and universities to rethink their online learning models.

eCampus News Staff