A hand reaches out to an AI interface to make digital selections and review data.

Moving from predictive to prescriptive AI

Turning to prescriptive AI helps universities personalize their outreach and deliver the right information at the right time

More and more universities are adopting predictive analytics and forecast modeling to improve their recruiting and retention efforts. But what’s the best way to use those analytics and how can you tell if your implementation is off to a good start?

eCN spoke with Jennifer Beyer, Vice President of CRM Product Management at Campus Management and former director of enrollment management at the University of South Florida Lakeland (USF), about how higher ed uses artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting today and where it’s headed.

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eCN: It seems like AI is suddenly everywhere in higher ed. Is that your take as well?

Beyer: When I left USF in 2013, AI use was not widespread, but over the last two year there have been a lot of these ‘how to use AI to solve problems’ stories. We are now seeing very real examples of how AI is starting to make an impact and become accessible to more institutions.

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