• 37 percent of higher education professionals have high levels of job insecurity in their current roles
  • 11 percent stated that international students account for more than one-fifth of total recruitment numbers
  • A further 19 percent said it accounted for more than one –tenth of total student recruitment
  • 20 percent stated they never have vacant seats; 12 percent have less than 2 percent vacant seats; 10 percent less than 5 percent vacant seats and 7 percent stated their institution averages above 11+ percent every year
  • 79 percent stated they did not incorporate website personalization on their institution’s website
  • 61 percent said that web accessibility improvements were a top 3 website priority in 2017

TERMINALFOUR, a digital marketing and web content management platform for higher education, announced the results of its 2017 ‘Global Higher Education Survey’. The results highlight significant concerns among higher education institutions about student recruitment targets due to proposed visa/travel restrictions.

In a survey of 391 higher education professionals from 333 unique higher education institutions, 56 percent stated that travel restrictions will directly impact their institution’s ability to meet recruitment targets.

The survey was carried out among web, marketing, recruitment and leadership professionals in higher education across the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

The survey also found that 37 percent of higher education professionals have high levels of job insecurity. When asked to rate their personal job security in the context of Government policy, student recruitment challenges and internal restructuring, just 28 percent of respondents stated that they feel highly secure in their current role.

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