Cox Business launches Contour on Campus

Cox to showcase Contour on Campus at EDUCAUSE; technology allows students to watch favorite shows on-demand via mobile devices

Now when college students get the itch to catch up on “The Walking Dead” while on campus, they need only to pull out their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Contour on Campus, a new offering from Cox Business, provides students with an easy way to watch TV on campus via mobile device, while universities gain another selling point for their millennial residents.

Those interested in seeing the technology in action can visit with Cox at the 2016 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in booth #110. There, Cox Business representatives will be discussing the early adopters such as Hollins University and the success the organization has had in using the technology to incentivize on-campus living for students.

As college students wrestle with the decision whether to live on campus, administrators are always looking for ways to make the on-campus experience more appealing. Contour on Campus provides a feather in the on-campus cap. The technology meets the demands of students’ on the go lifestyles allowing flexibility to view their favorite shows via mobile device whether they’re in their residence halls, the library or the university quad.

“Embracing our students’ desire for cutting edge technology as part of their university experience made Contour on Campus the right video platform for us,” said Carol Reed, Hollins University’s chief information officer. “This is just one more offering that sets Hollins apart in providing an unparalleled higher education experience.”

The service delivers the Cox Contour TV viewing experience to universities which, for convenience and security purposes, can then grant access to students using preexisting login and authentication methods, such as student IDs.

“Companies continue costly research efforts to better understand millennial viewing patterns. Yet on its face, it’s not complex,” said Steve Rowley, senior vice president of Cox Business. “Millennials want the convenience of watching anywhere, anytime. And with Contour on Campus, universities can make that happen.”

For more information, stop by EDUCAUSE exhibit hall booth 110 on Oct. 26-27 beginning at 9 a.m. to speak with Cox Business representatives, or visit

Laura Ascione