7 best university CIO blogs

Some of the best CIO blogs that provide insider perspectives on IT projects and management in higher education.

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Ever wonder what other university CIOs and their IT departments are doing day to day? With an ever-increasing reliance on the internet and social media for marketing, it’s a no-brainer that there are so many University CIO blogs for IT departments to get the word out about their latest implementations. Although not every blog post will be directed at other IT professionals, there’s a lot you can learn from an insider’s perspective on a project, and these 7 CIOs are more than willing to give you a tour of what’s going on at their universities.

7. Cole W. Camplese, CIO at the University of Chicago

Cole Camplese, the Associate Vice President of IT and CIO at UC, keeps his user base and peers in the know with a well-written long form blog about his IT department’s most interesting projects, like their student blogging platform, UChicago Voices. Camplese is a great example of the growing trend of internet-savvy Higher Ed IT pros taking advantage of all that blogging and social media have to offer. Alongside his blog for the University of Chicago, Camplese also has other blogs from his time at other universities, as well as his own personal blog that he uses to discuss side projects and more personal topics. If you’re looking for a template to follow for how to create a successful CIO blog, or just interested in finding insights into a similar project, Camplese’s blogs are a great place to start. Follow Cole Camplese on Twitter.

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